Terms and Conditions

General Conditions for Language Training

Each lesson has a dura­tion of 45 minutes. As a matter of prin­ciple, the for­eign lan­guage classes are taught only by care­fully chosen, highly expe­ri­enced lan­guage trai­ners who are native spea­kers with a per­fect pro­fi­ci­ency of the respec­tive for­eign lan­guage.

As a rule, one teacher will remain res­pon­sible for the entire dura­tion of the planned class. However, a situa­tion may arise in which a change of per­sonnel becomes necessary, in par­ti­cular in cases of sick­ness or in cases where the student(s) choose a varying sche­dule for their les­sons. A change of per­sonnel does not imply the right to cancel the con­tract.

A can­cel­la­tion of the trai­ning con­tract is only allowed for important rea­sons and must be given in wri­ting. The respec­tive terms of notice must be observed.  If, for any given reason, a lesson cannot take place, we shall endea­vour to replace it or to pro­long the agreed length of the pro­gramme. If this proves to be impos­sible, the stu­dent is ent­itled to a reim­bur­se­ment of the lesson omitted. It is agreed that no fur­ther claims will be per­mitted. The les­sons booked must be paid in advance.

If, for any reason, a stu­dent is obliged to cancel an agreed lesson, he must do so by 12.00 noon of the pre­vious day so that the respec­tive lan­guage teacher can be informed in time. If the stu­dent fails to cancel his lesson in time, he must pay the full amount.

Can­cel­la­tion of the trai­ning agree­ment is pos­sible with 30 days’ notice at the end of each month, and the stu­dent shall be ent­itled to a reim­bur­se­ment of any remai­ning credit balance. Pay­ments for trai­ning mate­rials and regis­tra­tion fees shall not be reim­bursed.

In order to ensure an opti­mized learning envi­ron­ment, a stu­dent may at any time be placed in a dif­fe­rent learning group at the teacher’s dis­cre­tion. Les­sons agreed upon but not taken must be paid for in all cases since the price cal­cu­la­tion is based on the number of stu­dents per class which mustn’t be jeo­par­dized.

Can­cel­la­tion of the trai­ning agree­ment is pos­sible with 30 days’ notice at the end of each month, and the stu­dent shall be ent­itled to a reim­bur­se­ment of any remai­ning credit balance. Pay­ments for trai­ning mate­rials and regis­tra­tion fees shall not be reim­bursed.

For our cor­po­rate cust­o­mers, we offer a frame­work agree­ment defi­ning the expected number of for­eign lan­guage les­sons required in one year’s time. The higher the volume of les­sons taken, the lower the price for the les­sons will be.

If, for any reason, an indi­vi­dual stu­dent or a learning group is obliged to cancel the agreed lesson, he/​she must do so by 12.00 noon of the pre­vious day so that the respec­tive lan­guage teacher can be informed in time. If the student/​the learning group fails to cancel his/​her lesson in time, the full amount for the respec­tive lesson falls due nonethe­less. Com­pany courses may be can­celled with 30 days’ notice at the end of each month. The com­pany shall be ent­itled to a reim­bur­se­ment of any remai­ning credit balance. Pay­ments for trai­ning mate­rials and regis­tra­tion fees shall not be reim­bursed.

In addi­tion to the General Con­di­tions for Lan­guage Trai­ning in hand, our General Con­di­tions for Travel apply to our spe­cial pro­grammes, i.e. crash courses, indi­vi­dual les­sons and lan­guage courses in for­eign coun­tries if, in addi­tion to the mere les­sons, sup­ple­men­tary travel ser­vices such as hotel, host family, air or bus travel are employed. Fur­ther­more, we her­e­with point out that the cost of lan­guage les­sons abroad con­trac­tually agreed upon shall not be reco­ver­able.

General Conditions for Journeys

Via your travel app­li­ca­tion, you are offe­ring Reichardt, in a bin­ding manner, the oppor­tu­nity to close a travel agree­ment. This can be done in wri­ting, elec­tro­ni­cally, orally or by tele­phone. In case of elec­tronic boo­kings, Reichardt ack­now­ledges the receipt of the boo­king imme­dia­tely by elec­tronic means. This ack­now­led­ge­ment does not con­sti­tute con­fir­ma­tion of the accep­tance of the boo­king order. The travel agree­ment will only become bin­ding from the time that we con­firm the reser­va­tion and the price to you. Pay­ments towards the travel price can only be made upon issu­ance of the insurance policy (Siche­rungs­schein) as per § 651 k para. 3 BGB. 20% of the total costs of the reser­va­tion are to be paid upon con­fir­ma­tion of the boo­king. The pre­pay­ment will be counted against the price of the journey. The out­stan­ding balance becomes due upon receipt of the com­plete travel docu­ments, however, no ear­lier than 21 days before depar­ture.

The extent of the ser­vices included in the con­tract is com­ple­tely limited to the descrip­tion given in the respec­tive Reichardt bro­chure and/​or our written offer. If a pre­pa­ra­tory mee­ting takes place, the addi­tional details agreed upon during such mee­ting will also become part of the travel con­tract. The infor­ma­tion given in the brochure/​the written offer is bin­ding for us. However, we expressly reserve the right to change details in the offer before com­ple­tion of the con­tract for objec­tively aut­ho­rized, signi­fi­cant and unpre­dic­table rea­sons. You will cer­tainly be informed of any such change before the depar­ture.

You will be made aware of changes and devia­tions of indi­vi­dual travel ser­vices from the agreed con­tent of the travel con­tract which become necessary after con­clu­sion of the con­tract at the ear­liest pos­sible time, and you will be ent­itled to with­draw from the travel con­tract at no charge. This app­lies to a change of the travel route, a change of hotels, or changes to the museums, monu­ments, natural pre­serves etc. we ori­gi­nally intended to visit.

Can­cel­la­tion by cust­omer, change of reser­va­tion, change of person tra­vel­ling

You are ent­itled to cancel your travel arran­ge­ment at any time. It is recom­mended to declare the can­cel­la­tion in wri­ting. If you with­draw from the travel con­tract, we are ent­itled to a reim­bur­se­ment for the travel arran­ge­ments already made and for our expen­ditures as per the fol­lo­wing table:

Up to 30 Days before depar­ture 20 %, but at least 60,– € p. Person,

29 – 21 days before depar­ture 30 %,

20 – 14 days before depar­ture 50 %,

14 – 7 days before depar­ture 75 %,

6 – 1 days before depar­ture 90 % and on the depar­ture day or in case of no-show 100 % of the travel price.

The receipt of the can­cel­la­tion notice by Reichardt is rele­vant. If we receive the notice after clo­sing time (Monday–Friday 6pm), we will con­sider it as received only at the begin­ning of the next working day. In any case, you are ent­itled to prove to Reichardt that no loss or a sub­stan­ti­ally lower loss was the result than the sti­pu­lated charges. We highly recom­mend that you effect insurance for such travel can­cel­la­tion expenses. You will receive the rele­vant docu­ments from us with your boo­king con­fir­ma­tion.

Up until the depar­ture day, the tra­veller can request that a third person enters into the rights and obli­ga­tions of the travel con­tract ins­tead of him/​herself. If a third person should enter into the con­tract then both s/​he and the ori­ginal tra­veller are jointly liable to the travel orga­niser for the pay­ment of the costs of the travel arran­ge­ments and any addi­tional costs which may be incurred.

Ser­vices not con­sumed

If you are unable to con­sume cer­tain travel ser­vices because you had to end your stay before the planned date or for other urgent rea­sons, we will try to obtain a refund for the unused ser­vices from our sup­pliers.

Can­cel­la­tion by travel orga­niser

We reserve the right to cancel the travel con­tract up until 3 weeks before the depar­ture date at the latest if the required minimum number of 15 par­ti­ci­pants necessary to ope­rate the trip has not been reached. The minimum number of par­ti­ci­pants required may vary from one trip to ano­ther and is clearly stated in the travel bro­chure. In this case, all par­ti­ci­pants will receive a full reim­bur­se­ment of all pay­ments already made. Alter­na­tively, you have the right to par­ti­ci­pate in ano­ther trip orga­nised by Reichardt.

If the travel arran­ge­ments are end­an­gered or nega­tively affected by cir­cum­stances beyond our con­trol which were unfo­re­see­able when the con­tract was com­pleted (war, civil unrest, natural dis­as­ters etc.), then both you as the tra­veller and we may ter­mi­nate the con­tract. In this case, we will under­take ever­y­thing pos­sible to ensure your imme­diate return to Ger­many. Addi­tional costs ari­sing will be borne by the tra­veller and Reichardt in equal parts.

Reichardt is liable within the scope of the due dili­gence of a pru­dent busi­nessman for:

  1. the pre­cise plan­ning of the travel arran­ge­ments
  2. the careful selec­tion and con­trol of the sup­pliers
  3. the accu­racy of the descrip­tion of all the travel ser­vices as they appear in this bro­chure, pro­vi­ding that the travel orga­niser has not advised a change in the details before the com­ple­tion of the con­tract, as men­tioned in para­graph 3
  4. the proper deli­very of agreed ser­vices

We are not liable for external trans­port ser­vices, inclu­ding all trans­fers, flights, ferry cros­sings and coach tours. Lia­bi­lity for such trans­port ser­vices lies with the respec­tive com­mis­sioned com­pany. If dif­fi­culty occurs in this respect, we will endea­vour to seek remedy or sub­sti­tu­tion.


If the trip is not per­formed according to con­tract, you as tra­veller may require a remedy. We may deny this, if it requires a dis­pro­por­tio­nate effort. We may also create the reme­dial action by offe­ring an equi­va­lent repla­ce­ment ser­vice.

Limi­ta­tion of Lia­bi­lity

Our con­trac­tual lia­bi­lity for damages other than per­sonal injury is limited to three times the tour price, if the damage was not caused inten­tio­nally or through gross negli­gence by us. This lia­bi­lity does not per­tain to claims for damages because of bodily injury, sick­ness or disease, or death.

Obli­ga­tion to coope­rate

You are obliged to coope­rate in case of dis­tur­bances within the scope of legal pro­vi­sions, in order to avoid or mini­mize pos­sible damage. In the unli­kely event of com­plaints, these are to be noti­fied imme­dia­tely to the local repre­sen­ta­tive of Reichardt who will endea­vour to pro­vide remedy. Within your lawful sta­tu­tory rights, you are obliged to allow us an appro­priate period of time to pro­vide such remedy.

Reichardt will inform German natio­nals about passport, visa and health requi­re­ments and any changes prior to depar­ture on request. Citi­zens of other coun­tries have to con­tact the rele­vant con­su­late.

It is implied that you agree to us taking photos or videos during our trips which might be published after­wards unless you have expli­citly told us other­wise before depar­ture.

All infor­ma­tion given in our bro­chures cor­re­spond to the infor­ma­tion avail­able to us at the time of publi­ca­tion. Changes of such details are pos­sible until the con­tract is closed. Should any part of this con­tract be or become invalid, the vali­dity of the remai­ning con­tract shall remain unaf­fected. The travel con­tract closed bet­ween you and Reichardt is sub­ject to the laws of the Federal Repu­blic of Ger­many.