About us

Hello, my name is Chris­tian Reichardt. I am res­pon­sible for all offers of lan­guage courses, pri­vate tui­tion, group tours, school trips, and lan­guage tours that you will find on these pages.

From the moment I founded my com­pany in 1992 in my home­town of Lipp­stadt in the heart of West­phalia, Ger­many, I have made a point of being clo­sely involved in every aspect of the busi­ness, from the initial orga­ni­sa­tion to the final imple­men­ta­tion of courses and tours. I still con­tinue accom­panying many of our tour groups per­so­nally. Why? You may have guessed it: I love what I am doing and I enjoy seeing people pro­spe­ring, learning new things and broaden their hori­zons.

From Banker to Lan­guage Expert

But let me start right at the begin­ning. Right after school at the age of 16, working in a bank seemed to offer an attrac­tive career and after 3 years of trai­ning, I worked as a cor­po­rate cust­omer con­sul­tant for Deut­sche Bank. However, I had never stopped drea­ming of going to uni­ver­sity, which is why I started to go to eve­ning school after work to receive a higher edu­ca­tion and be per­mitted to aca­demic stu­dies.

And that is when I dis­co­vered a love that was so much stronger than my inte­rest in working in finance and ban­king: lan­guages! This resulted in my first time accom­panying a lan­guage tour to Eng­land, an expe­ri­ence which defined my pro­fes­sional future!

I went to uni­ver­sity to study Eng­lish and German lite­ra­ture and lin­gu­is­tics and edu­ca­tional sci­ence, the focus of my stu­dies being the rese­arch of for­eign lan­guage acqui­si­tion which is still one of my key inte­rests. During my time at uni­ver­sity, I started to carry out my first self-orga­nised group tours and lan­guage tours to Eng­lish-spea­king coun­tries and worked as a lan­guage teacher for various lan­guage schools.

After gra­dua­tion and a year abroad spent in London, I accepted a job offer which brought me to Frank­furt as head of the Ber­litz lan­guage school, but I con­ti­nued to orga­nise lan­guage tours for my own com­pany.

In the year 2000, I finally decided to commit ent­i­rely and full-time to my own busi­ness.

Reichardt lan­guage school today

More than 15 years have passed since then. Many satis­fied cust­o­mers have made sure that the name Reichardt is beco­ming more and more renowned.

The 15-year-old school boy is just as important to us as the high-ran­king director of a large cor­po­ra­tion nee­ding to improve his or her lan­guage skills. School trips and group tours are orga­nised with the same com­mit­ment as lan­guage trai­ning for adults. Ever­y­thing is planned from scratch so that we can offer the best pro­gramme for each indi­vi­dual.

All our offers have one thing in common: It is all about taking people to the next level – by learning ano­ther lan­guage and get­ting to know a new cul­ture. I would love to take you along on this adven­ture!

A very sup­por­tive team

A suc­cessful busi­ness always relies on the excel­lent team ope­ra­ting in the back office. First to men­tion is Ms Bri­gitte Sher­lock who will pro­bably be your first con­tact with our office. She is fluent in German, Eng­lish and French, takes care of our cust­o­mers as well as the teachers and acts as liaison bet­ween our German, Eng­lish and French offices. In Ger­many, we have a team of 35 expe­ri­enced and com­mitted teachers who help their stu­dents to achieve their goals. But our lan­guage trai­ners, tour guides, host fami­lies and orga­nisers in Eng­land and France are just as important. Each and every one of them strives to give you the best pos­sible out­come of wha­tever your goals may be!

Come get to know us

Rest assured: We will not give you any­thing to sign unless we know exactly what you need. Which course, which tour, which teacher is right for you! Let us find out toge­ther! please get in touch with our head office in Maintal (Frankfurt/​Main) by email to info@​reichardt.​eu or tele­phone +49 (0) 6181 424830 or just drop by in person. We look for­ward to mee­ting you!


Chris­tian Reichardt