school trips

School Trip to London

A per­fect orga­ni­sa­tion throughout, tailor-made pro­grammes cate­ring to your group’s inte­rests, and fri­endly and com­pe­tent sup­port – this is what you’ve hoped for, and this is what you’ll get when you plan your school trip to London with us.
Your stu­dents will be staying with care­fully chosen host fami­lies in good and safe resi­den­tial neigh­bourhoods in London. We take care of all aspects of your trip, from get­ting there to making reser­va­tions and esta­blis­hing a rea­li­stic sight­seeing time­table. We know what stu­dents enjoy most and will help you to pro­vide them with some unf­or­get­table memo­ries. You may also want to book some Eng­lish les­sons with one of our expe­ri­enced native-spea­king teachers, or one of our know­led­ge­able and fun tour guides can show you round the city.

School Trip to Paris (Ver­sailles)

Are you loo­king for host family accom­mo­da­tion for your Paris tour? We orga­nise coach tours to Paris with accom­mo­da­tion in well-to-do fami­lies in Ver­sailles and the sur­roun­ding towns with lan­guage les­sons and tour gui­ding as addi­tional options. You can cer­tainly also orga­nise your own tra­vels by train or air­plane, and we’ll take over the moment you set foot in Paris! Your school trip is gua­ran­teed to be a suc­cess – and ent­i­rely hassle-free for you!