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duration of tour 3 days or longer
price starting from 180 euros per person

School Trip to Paris (Versailles)

Are you look­ing for host fam­i­ly accom­mo­da­tion for your Paris tour? We organ­ise coach tours to Paris with accom­mo­da­tion in well-to-do fam­i­lies in Ver­sailles and the sur­round­ing towns with lan­guage lessons and tour guid­ing as addi­tion­al options. You can cer­tain­ly also organ­ise your own trav­els by train or air­plane, and we’ll take over the moment you set foot in Paris! Your school trip is guar­an­teed to be a suc­cess – and entire­ly has­sle-free for you!

Versailles, world famous for its chateau, the Palace of Versailles, is a mid-sized and very picturesque town located in the West of Paris. Today, it is one of the wealthiest suburbs of the Paris Metropolitan area and a wonderful place to live or spend a holiday. Many tourists know only the Palace and never get to see the lovely town centre with its typical quarters and market halls.

The students who come to Versailles on a class trip organized by us, however, do get to know this typically French town which is ideal for your class trip: Big and lively enough to remain interesting for your students, but then moderate in size and structure so that you can get just about anywhere on foot. Paris itself is only about 20 minutes away and can be easily reached by bus, train, or RER.

Our host families live in or around Versailles and have provided ideal accommodation for our visitors before. Your students will get a direct and very positive insight into French lifestyle and culture. The students benefit largely from the opportunity to speak and improve their French every day. This experience encourages many of them to continue studying and using French for the rest of their lives.

A class trip Versailles means much more than just a visit to a beautiful place: It can broaden one’s mind and open up new perspectives!

Our language courses can be very inspiring for your students!

Our approach to teaching French differs greatly from the average French lesson your students are used to! A relaxed atmosphere without any pressure to earn good marks as well as lots of fun and laughter will help the students to apply their knowledge without inhibition. The teachers are native speakers with a passion for the French language, and the students will feel it!

We offer a choice of either 4, 5, or 6 lessons per day.

The language course can take place every day, or one day only … anything is possible!

Some groups may want French lessons every morning, and others only want lessons on one or two days, preferring to go on all-day excursions with their students.

Whichever option you choose: We guarantee that our lessons will be fun and inspiring for your students!

We appreciate your instructions on specific topics you would like us to cover. If you leave the lesson plan to us, we will focus on communication with the help of role play, conversation, and discussion.

Our classrooms (where we also hold the lessons for the individual study tours) are located in the centre of Versailles. After the lessons, you can start directly with your itinerary for the day in Versailles or Paris.

The price per unit amounts to around 4.25 € per student (for a group of 15).

Our host families are open-minded and friendly and enjoy taking care of their guests!

We know all our host families personally and cooperate with them on a regular basis. The feedback we have received from visitors staying with them have been nothing but positive. Our host families are exclusive to us and only accommodate our visitors from time to time. To them, being host for a foreign student is not just a way of earning money – they have a real interest in meeting new people and making new experiences, and they welcome the students into their families with open arms. Many of them have school-age children themselves.

The accommodation in a host family includes breakfast and a warm evening meal together with the family. This means lots of time for talking and for getting to know the family and the habits of French everyday life.

The students get to know their host families on the day of their arrival. The host families collect the students from the agreed meeting place and bring them back there on the day of the departure. We do our very best to fulfill your wishes and requests for an ideal accommodation of every one of your students.

Paris is definitely a must for your itinerary!

Versailles is the ideal basis for discovering and enjoying the sights of Paris. The train/RER or your coach will take you right into the heart of the city within no more than 20 minutes!

We offer sightseeing coach tours with comments in English or French, guided walks and strolls through typical quarters (such as Montmartre, Quartier Latin…), museum visits and much more (if a reservation is necessary for the chosen attraction, we will take care of this beforehand).

Our motto for school trips with teenagers is: Get them well acquainted with Paris and its history, but leave them also enough space to just enjoy themselves!

This mixture ensures that this trip to France will be a wonderful experience for every participant.



The Normandy coast is only two hours away from Versailles and absolutely worthwile for an outing! We like to accompany our groups to either Honfleur or Deauville. The students will be taken on a sightseeing tour through the town (our guides speak English and French) and have enough time left for some fun at the beach…

Chartres with its famous cathedral and historical town centre is just as rewarding. Again, we can take you on a stroll through the town and organize a guided visit of the cathedral. We can also arrange a tour based on a special theme, e.g. Chartres as the centre of glass painting with a visit to a glass artist’s studio.

Many more destinations can be easily reached from Versailles, e.g. Giverny to see Claude Monet’s garden or one of the nearby amusement parks (Disneyland, Parc Asterix usw.)

Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice – we are happy to plan your itinerary according to your wishes!

Versailles and its region offer not only many culturally and historically relevant sights, but also an immense number of leisure activities.

Carry out any sport you like, or plan a trial lesson with your group. Spend a day at the water park, go bowling or see a French film at the cinema… all these activities will make for a nice change from the usual sightseeing programme that your students will appreciate!

We can provide ideas and make reservations ahead to get you a special rate for the entry fees or tickets. Just ask us!

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School Trip to Paris (Versailles)

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