We wel­come our new team member Chris Field

22281790_10214661252189325_2453758757619355119_nChris­tian James Field joined our office team in Maintal (Frankfurt/​Main) in October 2017. He works full­time and is mainly res­pon­sible for our cor­po­rate cust­o­mers but is also involved in all other busi­ness units like group tours, lan­guage tours, pri­vate tui­tion etc.

Chris Field was born in Nort­hern Ire­land and has German and Bri­tish roots. He grew up with German and Eng­lish and also speaks French, which is ideal for working at Reichardt. As a former member of Luft­hansa cabin crew working on inter­na­tional flights for many years he has a very strong com­mit­ment to cust­omer satis­fac­tion. This and his highly deve­loped inter­cul­tural com­pe­tence have been key fac­tors of recruiting him for this posi­tion. We are very pleased to have him as a new staff member and wish him luck and suc­cess at Reichardt Deutsch­land.

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